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h2o moisture

h2o control product

Desiccant Packets

Moisture is the enemy and our desiccant packs are the way to fight it. Used in the mines of the biggest iron ore producer in the world, H2O Moisture Absorbing Packets are desiccating bags developed to combat damage caused by moisture trapped in various enclosures such as electrical boxes, controllers and instrument panels.

Our desiccant packs attract water vapor like a sponge, vastly out-performing Silica Gel packets and other standard desiccants by 1000%. Available in a variety of sizes to suit many applications, their unique design enables each packet to capture water on a microscopic level by bonding with the H2O molecules. A gel like substance is formed as the granules bond to the water. One single teaspoon can easily absorb 500ml of water. Because of each packet’s expansion properties an incredible amount of moisture is absorbed, preventing corrosion. Once activated, over time, the packet will become swollen, indicating that a replacement is required.

We offer a variety of sizes for your needs, including:

  • 2”x2”- protects 3 cubic foot enclosures, sold in quantities of 25 units
  • 3”x3”- protects 5 cubic foot enclosures, sold in quantities of 10 units
  • 3”x7”- protects 8 cubic foot enclosures, sold in quantities of 10 units
  • 7”x7”- protects 20 cubic foot enclosures, sold in quantities of 10 units

Discover for yourself why so many companies have come to rely on H2O Moisture Absorbing Packets instead of Silica Gel packets. Unlike other desiccant packs out there, ours are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in any Municipal landfill.

Call us today and stop moisture in its tracks.

H2O Moisture Absorbing Packets